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    Increased browsing speed

    Advantage Firefox browser as a browser other than allegedly the fastest, safest, brightest and best of all existing browsers, Firefox also has the support of third-party add-ons, so with many options with the Firefox browser plugin that part I have ever used.

    The slowing down of browsing speed certainly is one of the most common problems we face one the net. But I don’t think that’s the only way things should go. So I searched the net and found out some ways on how to increase your browsing speed. However this doesn’t increase the downloading speed but it does speed up your browsing. If you're not using Firefox I suggest you quickly use the latest version of  Firefox, Firefox 4.0.1! but this trick test into firefox version 3.0.0

    Firefox is the fastest browser but do you know if Firefox can be optimized again? Can be accelerated again? Yes, you can increase the speed of browsing using Firefox and can add more speed with a little trick. You can imagine already fast then added more speed? Its AWESOME right? I already feel it! Have you?

    The first thing you can do is to move to a faster browser such as Firefox(or may be Safari). These are much faster than Internet Explorer. I personally recommend Firefox to everyone. Its the most flexible, includes tabbed browsing and the speed is more better than Internet Explorer.

    After installing Firefox:
    • Open Firefox and in the address bar type about:config and hit enter.
    • In the screen that appears right click, then click new and then integer. Then in the box that appears copy nglayout.initialpaint.delay. When another box appears set the value to 0.
    • Next, In the screen you will see a Filter bar. There type in pipelining.
    • Double click on network.http.pipelining to set it true.
    • Double click network.http.pipelining.maxrequests In the box that appears type any number from 10 to 30. I have set it 30.
    • You can also install a very good add-on, Fasterfox, to Firefox that can increase the browsing speed exponentially. (or you can download "fasterfox" from add-ons on mozila)
    Thats it, restart Firefox and enjoy.

    If you still want Internet Explorer to be your first browser you can still maximize the speed but of course not as fast as Firefox! Well for you whos want using IE and want to increase the speed Internet Explorer then do this.
    • Go to start then run and then type regedit.exe and O.K
    • Expand HKEY_CURRENT_USER -> Software -> Microsoft -> Windows -> Current Version. Then click on Internet Settings.
    • On the right side at the top you will see default. Double click it and type the value 10.
    Press O.K and start Internet Explorer.
    • One more thing. Go to Start then Run and type in gpedit.msc.
    In the window that opens under Computer Configuration expand Administrative Templates then Network and then click QoS Packet Scheduler.
    • Then on the right side double click Limit Reservable Bandwidth. Under setting select enabled and set it to 0. Then restart your computer.

    Next time you start browsing internet you will see superfast speed, your speed more better than before.
    And enjoy your browsing :)

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