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    - joydy-sake
    - Mobile blogging
    - http://horier.blogspot.com/

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    1. Bro, please use Mobile Blogger as my anchor text on my link

      Sent on a phone using T9space.com

    2. Your wellcome bro and what that mean using T9space.com? you have already know when my english is bad.. lol i remember when my first time meet with u in Avacs, i think u are western people, i miss there .. m^_^ m..

    3. yeah, i remember chatting with you on avacs. I miss it too,

      Anyway, please change the anchor text of my link. So instead of www.davidjuly.co.tv, write Mobile Blogging

    4. sob aku uda taruh link di blog..klo gag keberatan minta tolong add juga yah ^^

    5. hehehe, klo bisa ganti title-nya kaya gini ya sob ^^

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