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    Good morning sms

    Good morning sms

    Mornings are beautiful and so are you.  Hope you wake up early, and shine with smile and beauty.  This means excitement for me and everybody. Happy morning!
    As the sun rises in the sky, we wake up feeling refreshed and looking forward to the rest of the day. Have a wonderful morning.
    May ur morning be simply beautiful, Filled w/ sunshine & skies of blue. May d rest of ur day be even better w/ peace & joy touching all that u do.
    Seeing the sun shine in the sky means the day is yet to start. Here's wishing that you have a wonderful, energetic and fun-filled day. Have a very good morning.
    Every morning is a new page of our own story, every big moment is a new chapter so make the best of it and make a great book that may inspire others!
    I woke up with a happy heart, thankful for a night of rest & comfort; Grateful for opening my eyes to let another day of God's love & provision. And so, with a prayer in my lips & in my heart,  I hope this day finds you well, ever grateful as I am.
    SMILE & Thank God for this day...As life is always worthwhile by each passing day, I Wish more blessings to come ur way... Gud m0rning & GODBLESS ! 
    M0rnings r beautiful signs of h0pe.. It was created by GOD 2 let us knw dt lyf d0esnt end aftr d sunset..Evry dawn is a new lyf! Hav a w0nderful m0rning!

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