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    Affiliate Programs: Sponsors and Advertisers for Your Website

    You should probably be aware that not all affiliate programs are equal. Some are scams — you advertise for them, but somehow you never seem to get paid. A few change their Terms and Conditions after a period of time (when they already owe you a large amount) to suddenly exclude your site and conveniently not honour payments for the sales they previously made through you and just becarefull.

    ClixGalore New
    This affiliate network lets you sign up for the affiliate programs of many companies. The commission rates vary according to the company that you sign up with. They appear to have companies from a large number of industries in their program.
    This company is used by many vendors to sell their software products. It allows affiliates to put links to these products on their website and earn commission for purchases made through those links.
    LinkShare Corporation
    This is a network of affiliate programs that handles accounts from a large number of advertisers. The rates of payments vary from advertiser to advertiser, with most paying commission for sales made.
    Amazon.com Associate Program
    Fancy selling books on your website? If so, the well-known Amazon.com provides an affiliate program that pays you referral fees on books sold. The usually heard complaint about this program is that visitors would usually just note the book on the Amazon site, or bookmark the Amazon site itself, and return at some later time to buy the book. When that happens, the purchase is not registered as having come through your site, so you lose the referral fees on that sale. There's no referral program. Note that it is apparently not easy to earn much from this scheme, and many sites report disappointing performance (as compared to other affiliate programs).

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