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    Looking a Friends While Earn Dollar

    Well its sound cool... don't you think like that..! well it's sound funny we can earn money while looking friends from around the world and of course the most important is we can hunting "Dollar" in this case (buru dollar) or earn dollar online.

    recently when im surfing the virtual world i have found the nice blog that discuss about social networking like my space or facebook, and there is one whats interest me. We can get a dollar just by joining, sharing, send photo or just looking their "blogs". When their blog or their profile have many visitors. We get additional bonuses again, wow.. its wonderful, dont you want it???

    Okay here you are, there are some sosial net working sites (friends), i recommend for you hope its usefull.

    1. yuwie.com
    2. 6dgr.com

    here is little about "6dgr.com" this site will paying about $4 if you have 1 member on a new level under you, Bonus $3 if you have a new member went through a level 2, and $2 for next new member who's sign up through level 2.

    So what are you waiting? join now there is a few people from indonesia its your change to invited them and getting a lot of money , so i highly recommend this site for you. Good luck.

    NB: About yuwie i will tell you in the next post its so hard writing all about yuwie especially about hacking yuwie.. okay,, enjoy here

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